A Classic Rental Car Scam And How To Avoid It

A Classic Rental Car Scam And How To Avoid It
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As a rental guy, I should have known better. Its your money, i’m just trying to help you keep more of it in your pocket. Its all about value. If you rent a base mustang, you are essentially being taken for a ride.

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Ken “the Scientist” rejoins the show to discuss the latest C60 scam that was just uncovered. This sad discovery is important to share as, without the discovery, it would have undermined the relevance of the entire industry where amazing results are occurring. Charlatans exist everywhere and it’s important to keep an eye out for the scams. Ken and I also discuss the latest rollout scheduled for 5G and other important science news.

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You can purchase C60 on Ken’s website @ http://C60PurplePower.com be sure to use the coupon code “sw10” to receive 10% off

Please note that Sarah Westall does not receive any compensation from the sale or distribution of C60.

In the last week it came out in a science study that drinking a baking soda solution can be a safe way to combat auto immune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis. It is something anyone of your listeners can do to assist themselves in dealing with health problems. Here is the link as discussed in the show: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/04/180425093745.htm

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Kris Tofer says junio 10, 2018

I hate rental car companies as a rule. They have like 8 categories of car, and they're all inaccurate. What they consider a mid sized is really a compact. Their compacts are sub-compacts.

Frost says junio 10, 2018

Most likely they charge more for mustang and Camaro because of higher risk drivers and people driving them extremely hard.

FORD MUSTANG says junio 10, 2018

i would take a mustang any day

David Pineda says junio 10, 2018

This is Arizona right? You were on the I-17

Charles Clement says junio 10, 2018

Love the Alfa.

Default Camo says junio 10, 2018

I thought the video was about flowers there for a min

Hossam Elzomor says junio 10, 2018

Thank god someone else who realized that s mustang isn’t anything special. I feel like because majority of people can afford a mustang, they hype it up to try and make themselves feel like they getting a great car since they can’t afford a Porsche or something

Alex Clakley says junio 10, 2018

Sorry dude that u got screwed n yeah 100 a day for a stang is screwed but….it is not in the same class as a kia lmao! I have one dude n a mustang is more expensive to ensure than a kia thats why its more expensive sounds like ur just crying cuz u got screwed

Niall Bell says junio 10, 2018

One out of 9 minutes is an ad.

Bruce Clark says junio 10, 2018

If you could have saved so much time why didn't you walk out and go somewhere else?

Chuck Farley says junio 10, 2018

When did a Chrysler 300 become a luxury car?

Mathew Snyder says junio 10, 2018

Thumbs down for the freaking 1 minute long ad….

grafikschwarzmarkt says junio 10, 2018

total different experience in mallorca. booked the cheapest possible company at the airport at 1/3 of the cost of the big brands. first time i got a car without anyone trying to upsell me needless insurances or fuel service crap. got the keys in 10 minutes. i was blown away (RecordGo)

Chump Johnson says junio 10, 2018

I rented from Alamo and had a great experience. I had reserved a Prius and when I landed at the airport I went to the Alamo counter and was told I had no reservation. I showed him my print off of the reservation with confirmation number I was emailed. The man was very apologetic and offered me whatever vehicle he had available at the cost of the Prius. I chose the 2017 SS Camaro that only had 1100 miles on it. I drove it for a week in south Florida and loved every moment of it. By far fastest car I have ever driven and soooo much better than a Prius.

Tomislav 74 says junio 10, 2018

You get a garbage review just for throwing out that extra ad.

Itsjusta8 says junio 10, 2018

I wonder if anyone has rented the same car they own and switch some things on them like rims and or tires. Headlights. Lightbulbs. Seats

Michael Butler says junio 10, 2018

Yes Rob yes wtf a mustang is cheap as hell. I got a 2018 mustang ecoboost for 26k. People at my job was like you bought a 30-40k car. I’m like that is a base model 25k car. It goes to show you people have no idea what a car value/cost is.

ThatRosco458 says junio 10, 2018

Gotta use Turo

Gab riel says junio 10, 2018

Conclusion->Book directly with the company not over some shady third party site.

TankNSpank says junio 10, 2018

9 mins wasted of my life. He basically says stick with good companies…

Jean Quirin says junio 10, 2018

He is badmouthing the flat earthers! Don’t trust him already…if he was with NASA I will definitely not believe a word he says.

Truth2Peace says junio 10, 2018

something that triggered big questions in my mind when I saw the logo on his product/// has anyone noticed that there is an INVERTED pentagram on the logo of this Purple Power C60??? I mean, really, they could have truned it the other way BUT THEY DID NOT!!!

David Nash says junio 10, 2018

which company are they talking about, I use good and cheap C60 whats the opinion of this?

Swedish Marcus Viking says junio 11, 2018

Sarah there is no sattellites in space, try to find one true picture(not cgi) of hole earth/sattellites/spacecrafts/rockets going to space(landing in the oceans)/Mars(picture from Greenland)……
We cant go to space and never will… ISS is 100% fake and greenscreen…Nasa is masonic…
Research Flat Earth…the spinning globe is a hoax👌🏼

HerbsPlusBeadWorks says junio 11, 2018

irrationalism~ interesting perspective you make and yet studies globally are saying the complete opposite and the evidence is saying c 60 causes genetic damage~ and your hypocracy on not recognizing facts and yet you will not even show the other side of the studies this sounds alot like aday clarity must be a shit load of money invested in this by nasa~ I am amazed at what westalls BS and playing the double speech game
interesting thing about studies you can make them say whatever you want when you are selling~ and an openness in science and having a discussion and yet you deny the other studies–your fraudulent and playing the double speech game and having our audience proclaim the wonders of this crap and yet I have had people already contacting me with mental issues from these products–save your self some grief avoid all metallics that are nano and if you actually look at the studies on this –will see the other side

Carolyn Glass says junio 11, 2018

Low volume. Amni the only one straining tk hear??

kamal mohsen says junio 11, 2018

I buy my c 60 from Bob Greska at http://www.c.60.com in sunflower oil and its black not purple, does this mean that i am getting not the real stuff? I have also tried the carbon60oliveoil.com and can tell you that it just does not have the same effect of Bob Greska's c60. both me and my wife have jobs that are very physically demanding.

Randy Sokalofsky says junio 11, 2018

Sarah, you returned to your interrupting nature…. please take turns talking.

William Williams says junio 11, 2018

Re 5G; there seems to be a disconnect, in that if 5G microwaves do not penetrate through the skin then one would expect only health effects of the skin, like sunburns etc. so I'm confused about the sick cows in Sweden next to huge 5G transmitters as the strength or power of the 5G transmission does not affect its penetrability.

Higher Self says junio 11, 2018

Sarah, you just cannot interrupt the quest to ask your questions, or give your 2 cents; is impolite, rude and disrespectful. At least apologize for interrupting.

gilbert singh says junio 11, 2018

Why Does The Navy Not Use The Global System To Navigate @Sea !

Teresa DelaVega says junio 11, 2018

These one's making this much effort to discredit tells me your C60(Purple Power) is the real deal. Also I do Intuitive Kinesiology and Purple Power tested the most optimal for me others were health enhancing the black one was 60% health depleting. This is my personal testing method that has served me in amazing ways. I've been taking the Purple Power for over 6 mo. now and have benefited in many ways can't say enough. A person has got to be ready to clear deep stuff.

Jim Revelc says junio 11, 2018

5g does not get past the skin, but it kills cows. Baking soda is great for kidney conditions and hypertension- what? Baking soda breaks down to salt in the body – the worst thing you take for those conditions. Is this guy trying to kill off the audience?

simhi free says junio 11, 2018

Actually, baking soda can make the body more alkaline than acidic.

John Wayne says junio 11, 2018

The 5G waves can barely penetrate your skin there is very little chance of it getting to your brain. If you have anything you should be worried about it is skin cancer which can be very deadly. And it's great business for big Pharma to not cure any cancer but to bankrupt every cancer patient before letting them die. Because if you're broke you hold absolutely no value to the criminals that run the pharmaceutical industry.
 Why do you think a pharmaceutical company in Germany bought out Monsanto? It should be quite simple if you think about it. They are well aware that Round Up and GMO's are great for producing cancers and many other long-term diseases that they can profit from. GMO products and sprays with glyphosate should be outlawed worldwide. Think about it if a bug can be killed by eating GMO plant how is it possible that it will not harm a person? As for glyphosate European and American farmers have found out using Round Up on the same field for 11 years in a row destroys the soil by killing all the good microbes, funguses start taking over and destroying the roots of the plants and they start losing big percentages of their crops. One last thing glyphosate has been directly linked in South American Farm children being born with severe down syndrome. As more and more glyphosate products have been used over the years it correlates directly to the same increase in down syndrome.
They are trying to keep this a secret, so please don't let anybody know. Just keep eating those Kellogg breakfast cereals that have 1000 times more glyphosate then they should have. They have found 1 part per billion of glyphosate in your body can damage cells that lead to cancer. What a wonderful world we live in where money is more important than human life.

gail desrosiers says junio 11, 2018

tony pantalleresco is a canadian alternative care guy that explains this …youtube it

Deborah Elliott says junio 11, 2018

Brilliant Grilling. He fell short on helping me to understand the science for my general understanding. I agree with Sarah, I just want the facts.

Karl Johnson says junio 11, 2018

This whole thing makes me ever the more eager to go test Bob G.'s black product

howsithngin says junio 11, 2018

The lawsuit mentioned at 22:00 was regarding variable windshield wiper controls (pretty sure), and it was against the Ford Motor Co.

2013neda says junio 11, 2018

Sarah, What can't you tell me about C 60 taking out lead? WILL IT WORK helping to take lead out. I am living in Ecuador and unless you live in new and expensive houses or apts, your getting lead pipe for water. I am living here because my SS doesn't stretch far enough to live in the states.Your shows are great. I really enjoy listening to Ken. TY.

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