When The Pawn Stars Scam Customers

When The Pawn Stars Scam Customers
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Pawn Stars Rick Harrison, chumlee, corey harrison, and the old man sometimes are cheap with their customers.

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C Y says junio 14, 2018

How are customers being ripped off? They're informed of the value by an "expert" before they accept Pawn Stars low-ball offers. No one held a gun to their heads and made them take the offer.

Boi Boi says junio 14, 2018

That knife in the thumb nail is like only $14

Tyler says junio 14, 2018

You all realise that this show is a staged and it's on record that the deals that are made on TV were agreed upon before filming. That bit of info comes from the H-Channel.
These sellers had every chance to negotiate.

MetalVII says junio 14, 2018

This video is completely inaccurate…if something is worth $40k to sell there is no way an individual will receive that from a pawn shop. It’s a business and it needs to survive. If they offered $10-15k then yeah, that’s a scam but other than that no. Don’t waste your time with this video.

hector figueroa says junio 14, 2018

They work at a pawn shop that's their job to rip people off

bamsefunXD1234567890 says junio 14, 2018

Its a pawn shop.. I dont need to say more..

Dripsy Joseph says junio 14, 2018

Oreo joggers wtf🤣🤣🤣
Tbh I’d buy those though

hi _peeps says junio 14, 2018

Me:brings in a gun from the 1500s
Me:I want 20,000
Pawner:I'll take it for 5
pawner:this guy dumb

Chris Baker says junio 14, 2018

Rick is not going to pay retail, he pays whole sale and sells it for retail and he makes a profit. Occasionally I have seen him offer more than the customer asked for.

Ed Leal says junio 14, 2018

I pay for don't see published…

Frank Ladowski says junio 14, 2018

Tha pawn star guys are fuckin scum bags

xArmaDeath says junio 14, 2018

Lol these arent scams. They are business

Mason Rappoport says junio 14, 2018

Don’t press read more

I warned you

You will never read more comments

Almost there

Lol jk


Just leave the video

Ok I’m getting tiered soooooo it will end soon

Ok bye👌🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

Pun_Life says junio 14, 2018

Dude I thought it was a porn star damn I'm depressed now

Jaymz Terlouw says junio 15, 2018

Damn you sound like jerdude. A youtuber who plays games like titanfall

Loukas Tsakpinoglou says junio 15, 2018

That's not scamming, that's business.

Gavin Elliott says junio 15, 2018

They need low prices to make profit.

Brandon Terpstra says junio 15, 2018

You fail to understand how pawnshops operate…

Jørgen Karlsen says junio 15, 2018

how can he even execept 15k less thatn what its worth

ERROR:9948 8385435 says junio 15, 2018

You show a balisong in the title,but don't know how knives sell

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