Vampyr Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

Vampyr Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”
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Karak reviews Vampyr for PS4, XBox, and PC.
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ACG says junio 14, 2018

Absolutely had a blast. Some issues here and there but overall its doing something unique and I will be playing it again. Also said Battleborn of course meant Bloodbourne lol
Will be interesting to see how far folks get before reviewing it and what that does to their score 😉

Silviu Moraru says junio 14, 2018

I have 2 things to say.
1) awesome game
2) I really hope that this game sells well because it is a good game but also in the hope that will determine people to invest into a sequel to vtmb

Ben G says junio 14, 2018

Man, they gave him a fucked up nose too. That massive bump is awful looking.

Bandit Dog says junio 15, 2018

Well everybody says your the better game reviewer, so i subscribed.

krispybacn says junio 15, 2018

what did you guys think of the game in your personal experience? I just finished the game.. at the start i found myself enjoying the game, i appreciate the social mechanics and the combat is not great but wasn't a game breaker. Its pretty dialogue heavy and i like how your choices actually cause an impact. Although as you get nearer to the end or at some point in the end, it all kind of doesn't matter in the end. I wonder if anyone else here who has finished the game feels the same. I ended up getting impatient in the end and just running passed everyone. What really threw me off is how long the loading times were.. and a lot of times for no reason the game would freeze for 30 second because continuing , for 2018 i dont think its acceptable to be releasing a game with such issues, for me its only those two issues but the amount of time it occurs and the amount of loading the game needs is ridiculous. The game has a habit of putting you through a load screen when you're going through some doors and gates, this makes the game feel dated.

WolfKey says junio 15, 2018

You're literally the best Reviewer I've ever witnessed. Like wtf how do you not have more subs??

Kayden3 says junio 15, 2018

I have 5.1 surround with a SupremeFX onboard audio and I can't get the damn game to work beyond stereo. The things you mentioned about sound were specific to headphones or digital formats, I don't like having headphones on and that is generally the only solution for what your describing. Sorry no this game missed the mark on sound because it was focused on basic or headphone specific features. The fact it combines is graphic features in a all or nothing is absolutely dreadful when people have lower end systems or resolutions like Surround/Eyefinity or Ultrawide/Super-Ultrawide, who can't get the most performance by turning off features that are GPU intense like shadows. The PC is about choice dammit and isn't locked down like a console is, give us these choices dammit! The combat is aggravating in a lot of ways. Like a baddy can stop you from making an attack but the only way you can do it to them, especially if they're jumping through the air, is to use a fast attack and there is no counter or blocking. This really shows how inept they were to make combat flow smoothly, they just wanted to make it hard and left the mechanic that worked to punish players in the most aggressive way possible way in an effort to make you level up by embracing NPC's in safe area's. The story elements are great one on one but the consequences of those actions are always in three forms, the first is 2 good solutions with one bad outcome, the second is 2 bad solutions with one bad outcome and finally it's a binary choice and when players have a limited understanding of the conditions to which a solution might work, be it one they think or know from other genres, the devs still make those decisions be bad ones in one way or another. I understand the world isn't perfect and sometimes you need to make a bad choice but not understanding how a medical procedure should go when your playing a doctor with no hint system or previous experience in the game to let you make an informed opinion is lazy! This game only operates to punish players through story events and refuses to give them enough understanding to make right choices early on or even later on. No this game is at best a low sale buy and shouldn't be considered a good game when the devs showed how amateur their skills are when it comes to story telling, combat and technical features.

KiRuR says junio 15, 2018

combat is boring and the rpg is linear… this game is mediocre

Danfepkm says junio 15, 2018

This is a great game! It's been on my radar for quite some time but I wasn't necessarily hyped for it, just something I thought I would try out. Must say that it exceeded my expectations. I give this game a solid B! Now I'm going to explain why so prepare for a lengthy *unproffesional review or watch this video because I pretty much agree with everything in it. The game is no Bloodlines but I think it can quench your thirst for a good vampire game. The world map reminded me a bit of the latest Deux Ex games. It has a similar non-linearity to it Of course this is 3rd person and not in a cyberpunk setting but you get what I mean. Looking at comments in this video or in other videos, I have to say that it's pretty annoying that people see this and think it's trying to copy Bloodborne/Dark Souls. ( I played all of those games and I love them btw) Try to have an open mind people. The setting is the only thing that is has in common! The gun is used much more differently than in Bloodborne. The way I use it is to knock off the stamina of the enemies from away (opposed to up close with a stake or knife/dagger).There are lots of games with a stamina bar and the combat itself is more like The Witcher. Not as smooth or complex but it's good enough – it's simple. Using a combination of skills and basic attacks is important *much like The Witcher not Bloodborne! There is a Bloodborne reference towards the end of the game though. A definite nod to it lol pretty much word : ).Yes, this game doesn't have the most amazing graphics but they're still good. Seriously people, graphics aren't everything. I honestly had no problems with the voice acting or soundtrack. On console the loading is pretty long a few fps drops but nothing too bad. Story is good and could definitely see this getting a sequel or even a prequel of some sorts. They did mention different types of vampires in different parts of the world and it could be pretty cool seeing some of that. As mentioned in the video, it would've been nice to be acknowledge that well, we look dead! lol I bring the latest Deus Ex games again because I feel the consequences of your actions of similar to of that. They don't really have much impact end game. ***KIND OF SPOILERS! I did kind of dislike the romance, especially when they started, out of nowhere, calling eachother, my love, beloved, dearest etc. It didn't really make much sense but it also did. The way I saw this romance was maybe like a romance from this kind of era if you can get your head around that. Where the idea of love at first sight could be more realistic. There was the bit of playful teasing from Elizabeth to Jonathan but it still felt a bit forced. I wouldn't have any qualms if Jonathan was just single and had no love interest at all. I do like Elizabeth a lot though! She is a great character but I just didn't really feel the romance. That's pretty much it. So if you think you can like an RPG with a non-linear but not really open world, a more simple combat scheme but similar to The Witcher, a Victorian-esque setting, DONTNOD games, and of course vampires you should definitely give this game a try!

kidfortoday says junio 15, 2018

Once again one your reviews has taken me from meh, I'll pick it up on sale one day to fuck that I'm not waiting. You are truly the definitive voice on an honest and fair deep dive of a review and really the only reviewer I trust anymore. Thanks for giving a shit brother.

Arkatox says junio 15, 2018

I loved Dontnod's first game Remember Me, so I always had my eye on this, but always kind of from a distance. I'd read up on its features and seen screenshots, but no actual gameplay. After watching this review, I just want to straight-up buy it.

aznprnstr says junio 15, 2018

Never even heard of this game but is now at the top of my list

Best Gamer Memes says junio 15, 2018

At 1:26 I couldn't help but put my attention away from your voice and put it towards the bartender in the background wiping down the bar because the rag wasn't even touching the bar, it was up in the air with the tips of his fingers touching the rag lol.

Ozwald says junio 15, 2018

This is probably the first time I’ve disagreed with you. Bought this game after watching your review but I can’t find much enjoyment in it at all.

Creamy Canals says junio 15, 2018

If it wasn't for the shitty combat the game might be good. You can't just try to base the game on story alone though. People saying shit like this is the next good vampire game after VTM, yeah, okay. This game is garbage lets be honest here.

LifeISMagix says junio 15, 2018

Square Enix is easily one of my favorite developers of the last decade. I love they take risks and make different games. They are like Busta Rhymes in the 90’s. Lol.

Matt Fighting says junio 15, 2018

This game is bad but its not as bas as god of war or agony.

Skelzore says junio 15, 2018

I already can't wait for a vampyr 2.

GuyNice says junio 15, 2018

I wasn't really interested in this game before. Your review convinced to give it a try and I'm really glad I did. The writing, atmosphere, sound, music and graphics are top notch. The game really draws you in. Combat is a bit simplistic but the plethora of weapons and powers keeps things fresh.

Bring me Peter pan says junio 15, 2018

Anyone know how to track side quests in this game?? I found an option that says "track" but there are no markers that show up on the map.. or can you not and you have to search for everything yourself>?

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