The Incredibles 2 SPOILER Review

The Incredibles 2 SPOILER Review
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The Incredibles 2 Spoiler Review today! Beyond The Trailer’s reaction & movie review! Spoilers! Ending! Evelyn Deavor! Screenslaver!

The Incredibles 2 Movie Review with SPOILERS today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph’s reaction & review of The Incredibles 2 from Disney Pixar and Brad Bird! Ending explained and easter eggs! Enjoy this SPOILER breakdown of The Incredibles 2 in 2018 now that you’ve seen the full movie! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

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Part Two – 00:00
A vs B Storylines – 1:04
Disney Castle – 2:14
New Home – 2:48
Elastigirl vs Screenslaver – 3:51
Deavor Style – 4:45
Jack Jack – 5:17
Edna Mode – 6:33
Helen – 7:24
Violet & Tony – 10:35
Bob – 12:07
Frozone – 13:17
Evelyn & Winston – 14:04
Their Parents – 14:57
Mind Control – 16:36
Dash – 17:10
New Supers – 18:03
Conclusion – 19:18

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
Video Rating: / 5

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Video Rating: / 5

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Brandon GX says junio 17, 2018

I swear Jack Jack has more than 17+ POWERS ITS CRAZY!!!

isaiah carter says junio 17, 2018

Anyone remember when Evelyn said hell and damned?

Rembrandt Van Gogh says junio 17, 2018

I loved the movie but immediately had the gut feel as to who was the villain.

greaseboi says junio 17, 2018

Grace are you a credit watcher?

BrianPremium says junio 17, 2018

This movie reminded so much of Meet the Robinsons

Prince Jinyoung says junio 17, 2018

The parents backstory i feel was better left where it is because if it had been the first scene in the movie that would have been an even bigger give away that its so important and must be related to the villain leaving it as it was kinda made it a lot more forgettable so when its revealed the villain its not as easy to see coming even tho i has suspicion

Autism Family says junio 17, 2018

I’m confused by Evelyn’s motives…she wants to make supers illegal forever, which will prevent them from helping folks just like her parents in a crisis. Am I missing something? Asking for a friend.

Rafael Fuentes says junio 17, 2018

I don't think you complained about mr incredible having the spotlight in the first movie. I do find it frustrating and ironic that people complaing about having strong female lead.

Sound Storm says junio 17, 2018

My favourite movie ever! It was a Incredible film (no pun intended) and I’m glad they brought it back!

KManni 14 says junio 17, 2018

Just watched YMS review, and then I come to Grace’s channel. Dang, such a difference in opinion.

keiley k says junio 17, 2018

The moment I feel in love with this movie was when jack jack saw the raccoon so funny 😂 I also loved Winston suit

Matthew Mcgee says junio 17, 2018

You mentioned almost every new super but my favorite, screech was cool and unique and easily the creepiest when mind controlled.

Realm Gaming says junio 17, 2018

16 seconds in and I can’t stand you

Jared DeMarzo says junio 17, 2018

Hmm, I'm not sure what she means by Evelyn's Feminazi stuff. I'm usually pretty attentive to that sort of thing, but I'm not sure I remember that scene. Could someone refresh my memory a bit?

James O'Sullivan says junio 17, 2018

I agree with almost everything you say

EXCEPT. I don’t feel as though the twist was obvious. I didn’t see it coming at ALL. As far as the backstory, I thought it was just differing opinions amongst siblings.

I also didn’t spot the “feminazi” comments. I took them more as different personality type comments. Evelynn goes as far as asking Helen to distinguish between her “cynic” and “believer”.

Darren Moore says junio 17, 2018

I loved it too!!!! Go Jack Jack!! Stole the show

Woo Han says junio 17, 2018

And the Under Miner is still out there. He’s not a great villain but maybe he’ll unleash the crab people who everyone knows lives underground. Ok I’m reaching. Anyway elastic girl is super duper sexy in this movie.

Jonatan Guluarte says junio 18, 2018

Elastigirl clearly crashed her head on a walk using the motorcycle before leaving her house, and you clearly see her bounce it off. She didn't need any helmet

HADEspot says junio 18, 2018

Incredibles 2 fiIm available : ( )

Filme incrível! Altamente recomendado!

LazloSon says junio 18, 2018

This is what Fantastic Four movie should have felt like and showcased visually! Lol.

tamil ulagam says junio 18, 2018

Movie chusa bhagundi Ra pandiga ..

ram krishna says junio 18, 2018

Paytm star…

Naren Narendra says junio 18, 2018

Nee amma puku pig naa kodaka
Luccha nan kodaka
Hai kcr.

Abhira Rinismi says junio 18, 2018

Movie is like a rain in summer excellent movie

technoids telugu says junio 18, 2018

Indra ganti pedda star la tho movies cheyakunte manchidi leka pote tanu kuda rendu fight lu oka item song 4 punch dialogues director aei potadu.

keerthi deepu says junio 18, 2018

Story bayatapettakunda review istaru I like it sir….

pinky ram says junio 18, 2018

A rent blazer enduku ra neku…. Pandi atm.

Viresh Kumar says junio 18, 2018

Nuvvu review ichedentra cinema hittu

deepak Kanth says junio 18, 2018

vacchava mullapandhi

Aligeti Naresh says junio 18, 2018

chala bagaa chepparu

rajesh pediredla says junio 18, 2018

Abba review

filmy flakes says junio 18, 2018

Entra nuvvemaina rajamouli anukuntunnava… stamp veskuntunnav..😆 nuvvu nee bokkalo review….

kantharao chavala says junio 18, 2018

Kathi ni rivew perfect raa babooo

durga rao says junio 18, 2018

Pora pukaa, ne review evadiki kavali

Chakra Sreenu says junio 18, 2018


Jayakrishna karnati says junio 18, 2018

You are best reviewer sir in Telugu… Movie chaalaa baagaa vishleshisthaaru… Oka review writer ga I il always support… Movie baagundi

Jayakrishna karnati says junio 18, 2018

Excellent performance from Sudheer adithi Naresh sir…. Shopper feel good movie… Indraganti sir you are legend

K A Kumar says junio 18, 2018

Nuventra cheppedi,rangastalam flop annav adi block buster aindi,krishnarjuna yudam hit annav adi flop aindi,pratee daarina poye danayya cinema la gurinchi matladevade..

Siiva Kumar says junio 18, 2018

Puku aa .. rangasthalam ki NV emi review chepav .. result em vachindii ra gosiii …Ni mega family ki anti ani telusu ra pandii ..200 cr vachina mve Ni pooindii anavga …..chi dinnama bathuku nidi oka bathukuena

Sri Sriraj says junio 18, 2018

Nv chepte cinema chudalara dashga reviews apandi yevadikinachite vadelli chustadu meru velamani chepoddu velloddani chepoddu meku rights Lev

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