SONY Press Conference Review | E3 2018

SONY Press Conference Review | E3 2018
Califica Esta Revisión

Sony E3 2018 Press Conference Review/Reactions!
PeanutButterGamer and SpaceHamster give their reactions to the Sony E3 2018 Press Conference!

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A review for Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. No spoilers here if you’ve seen the trailers. If you haven’t seen the trailers don’t watch them and don’t watch this. These are all the things I have to say.

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PBGGameplay says junio 16, 2018

What's your rating for the Sony conference?

What are you looking forward to tomorrow with Nintendo??

Thanks for watching!

Bossboy 6123 says junio 16, 2018

I play destiny 2 ☹️

Luke Detering says junio 16, 2018

13:20 I'll be back on January 25th

Emmytt Wolfe says junio 16, 2018

Multiple genres at Microsoft's show, 3rd person Acton games for Sony… oh and VR stuff… PBG you are ridiculous.

Juan Zep says junio 16, 2018

i rate this review, a 6/10

S E says junio 16, 2018

I love the editing in these

Lord Acclaim says junio 16, 2018

I was actually not impressed with the Last of Us 2, the gameplay looked so shallow and the story did not grab me. I'm not that big a fan of the original either, but this one looked like a huge downgrade.

medoli900 says junio 17, 2018

The… First NieR? Guys, the first NieR was released on PS3/Xbox360 in 2010 XD
You're thinking of NieR: Automata, which is the continuation of the fourth ending of NieR.

Hazy says junio 17, 2018

Should have capped off with The Last of Us 2, and also shown Sekiro. Also, the Dream segments were unnecessary.

All of the gameplay they showed was just kind of… dull. I'm hyped af for Death Stranding and even that was really vanilla. It just all felt very safe. Even The Last of Us 2's footage (while not bad) wasn't extraordinarily mindblowing aside from the AI and how fluid it ran. It never had the same "wow" factor for me that the original's gameplay showcase had.

AceDaGamer says junio 17, 2018

40 seconds in and already laughing 😂😂

mikeisright 3 says junio 17, 2018

I was watching on my TV when the Resident Evil part came on, and like, I ran away from the TV and hid behind a chair until it was over. Yes, I know I'm a wimp.

Ryan Ozog says junio 17, 2018

4 out of 10 Left a worst taste in my mouth than the EA conference.

RC-7593 says junio 17, 2018

I'll watch it on Junuary 25th, I guess.

Rob Forge says junio 17, 2018

21:29 Jeff, all of last month Game Informer did a ton of coverage for Days Gone and released a shit ton of new footage and info. That's why Sony didn't feel the need to show it. You should look up the Game Informer stuff though, it looks awesome!

ICE Ricer says junio 17, 2018

Looking forward to Jeff streaming Last of Us

21st Century Derp says junio 17, 2018

im gonna make a note to watch this on January 25th

Linneus says junio 17, 2018

12:35 – the new PB&Jeff series please

GhoulEnix says junio 17, 2018

Sony went for quality more then quantity. They went in depth on their upcoming games and I left wanting them all 😂 Ill give their conference a 8 out of 10 🔥

Chad Peterson says junio 17, 2018

I don’t agree with Jeff about Sony’s press conference having more same-y games, but to support his point, I’m 90% certain that Spider-Man and Ghost of Sushima were made in the exact same engine. Microsoft’s games were definitely more similar than Sony’s, though. Spider-Man, Last of Us, and Ghost of Sushima may play similarly, but they feature completely different styles and objectives of play.

Mouldy Bread says junio 17, 2018

i played destiny for 2 weeks and got bored

Mr Sunday Movies says junio 17, 2018

This is not a re-upload and the sound was always fine.

lebkha says junio 17, 2018

It was a mediocre movie… stupid characters and plot and the ending is just one big WTF?!!! Really movie?

Spartacus Tek says junio 17, 2018

The new movies are move way too quickly through the plot with little to no suspense.

John Smith says junio 17, 2018

1) Jurassic Park
2) Jurassic World
3) Jurassic Park 2 Lost World
4)Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom
5) Planet of the Apes 3
6) Winnie the Poo: Eeyore’s magical adventure
7) Jurassic Park 3 trash

Anthony Baker says junio 17, 2018

Dinosaurs are pretty rad. 74/100

Joseph Taylor says junio 17, 2018

I wasn't a fan of Jurassic Park 4/Jurassic World 1 at all. Although, I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Its not amazing and I don't like it as much as the first three films but I like it significantly more than the last one

catdogfishcake says junio 17, 2018

Its a bag of shite with a nonsensical story… so just like the farce awakens.

XDkill 2112 says junio 17, 2018

I personally enjoyed it

Ayana Henry says junio 17, 2018

am i the only one getting sick of people getting annoyed that the humans want to save all the dinosaurs like whats wrong with that. at least try to understand where they coming from instead of writing all dinos unredeemable to save i mean look at my girl blue. i also think thats a stupid reason to complain about but i guess its just me but thats how i feel.

Daniel Jacobs says junio 17, 2018

Why did the dumbwaiter go down too to the dinosaur prison? Did that not irritate anyone else!!??

6double5 says junio 17, 2018

What ranking system are we talking about, like 1-10, Stars, Thumbs, tomatoes? What about poop? Cause I give this 100 poopsickles… out of 100… which by poopsickle standards is bad.

living lifeonpause says junio 17, 2018

1. JP
2. JP3
3. JP2
4. JW1
72. JW2

flatpack says junio 17, 2018

Jurassic Park 3 is the best one ya nerds

Sam M says junio 17, 2018

I’m not a massive movie go-er ( gp if you like) and I found this film really enjoyable, especially ( spoilers here ) the action scenes and definitely enjoyed the parts where people get ripped apart. That’s a good bit. I also liked all the plot twists and stuff.

Danny Hogan says junio 17, 2018

You won't beat the first film due to being actual practical fx and not a cgi fest

David Bloyd says junio 17, 2018

As long as it isn't as bad as "The Last of the Jedi", it should be fine.

Bret Rodriguez says junio 17, 2018

I hate how their characterizing the dinosaurs now. Like it's cool to use past animals as cameos like in jp4, but that's about it. Hated the 'trained' raptor gimmick though.

RMC Entertainment says junio 17, 2018

I found it WAY better than Jurassic World 1 but also way to scary for my taste

winterwolf211 says junio 17, 2018

I just watched it and enjoyed it very much. Bring your kids and grandmas with you, they'll enjoy the nail-biting scenes.

seyithan ars says junio 17, 2018

no, shut up

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