Responding to e.l.f. Primer Scam Video

Responding to e.l.f. Primer Scam Video
Califica Esta Revisión

We were flooded with requests to discuss the ELF Primer Scam video that is currently floating around Facebook so here it is!

If you want to check out the full Facebook video you’ll find it here:

Be warned.. Stay away from E.L.F! 😒#elfmakeup #elfcosmetics #elf #makeup

Posted by Stephanie Marie on Monday, June 11, 2018

Time stamps:
4:05 Airless pump packaging explanation
7:51 Being aware of volume
10:09 How many pumps?
11:25 Comparing empty packaging to full packaging
12:10 Conclusion

We bought our primers from Adore Beauty and I want to give them a quick shout out because their shipping was super fast and gave us the ability to make this video so quickly! Highly recommend that site if you live in Aus. (affiliate link)

If you are from the US you can buy the primers at

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BEAUTY NEWS says junio 25, 2018

You guys asked for it, so here it is! Also sorry if you hear background banging noises, there was construction happening next door xo

CrochetBy Lizeth says junio 25, 2018

I bought the bigger $10 one and i had it for almost 7 months! Love E.LF

Wan Zhang says junio 25, 2018

is anyone else like me? i think the smaller the bottle, the more expensive it should be… just cause it looks more delicate…i'd happily purchase elf if its in one of those tiny dropper bottles

Lily Bee says junio 25, 2018

Is the maybeline age rewind concealer a airless pump

Mxkeup by Sarah says junio 25, 2018

OMG IM DEAD!!!! MINE WAS THE SAME AND I was pisseddddd!

Jessy Fawesome says junio 25, 2018

Thank you for actually being intelligent.

Jessica Evans says junio 25, 2018

To make the measurements more accurate you could weigh the product as 14 ml is the same as 14g x💕

Veronica Vatter says junio 26, 2018

You really don't need anproduct to last a year. Even with an airless pump, I would be worried about bacteria.

A Living Potato says junio 26, 2018

this should be a serious

alex horror says junio 26, 2018

There pump moves up when used

Rebecca Merrell says junio 26, 2018

I love to hear you say bull shit. You should make a video of just fun named products!!

Jen Bo says junio 26, 2018

A year???????

Ivy Wolf says junio 26, 2018

She thought it would last a year…..

Kera Mo says junio 26, 2018

Liked the video until you said Mansplain like a sjw.

Stephanie M says junio 26, 2018

She is acting like she shelled out a ton. What an idiot!!!! IT. WAS. $6. 😒😒

Shatteredteacup says junio 26, 2018

I love this! Great work guys!

Just Soph says junio 26, 2018

When Haley was explaining the airless pump she was really hands and voice was really shaky is it just me or what ? I hope you’re okay Haley ?

KimShea22 says junio 26, 2018

Lol, I can't even find her original video. Maybe it has been taken down?

Daniela Miszezun says junio 26, 2018

I really hope E.L.F will suit her for defamation/damaging the brands image bringing fake news. Some people should learn things in a hard way. Just to get your 15 minutes of fame? I think isn't worth it.
And the worst thing of all: they're people that are so innocent (naive) that will believe her.

WholeSoul Mama says junio 26, 2018

Defamation?! You guys are retarded! She is trying to make people aware of the possibility of being cheated. It isn’t fake news.

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