PUCKER POWDER Custom Candy Kit! Sweet and Sour Kids Candy Review! Ryan ToysReview

PUCKER POWDER Custom Candy Kit! Sweet and Sour Kids Candy Review! Ryan ToysReview
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PUCKER POWDER Custom Candy Kit! Kids Candy Review with Ryan ToysReview! The Sweet and sour kids candy comes in three Pucker Powder Candy flavors, Sour Lemonade, Sweet Strawberry, and Sour Fruit Punch! The colorful box it comes in is designed to store and easily dispense three fabulous flavors that’s great for kids party! Ryan’s family had a family fun time trying out this DIY candy kit!

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xxxtentacion shortly after the release of his first full length debut album 17 has decided to release his sophmore album titled “QUESTION MARK” or ?. He totes versatility as a strong point for this album with limited features. Does this make the mark? Lets find out

xxxtentacion – ? FULL ALBUM
1. Introduction (Instructions)
2. Alone, Part 3
3. Moonlight
4. Sad!
5. The Remedy for a Broken Heart (Why Am I So in Love)
6. Floor 555
7. Numb
8. Infinity (888) featuring Joey Bada$ $
9. Going Down!
10. PAlN = Bestfriend featuring Travis Barker
11. $ $ $ featuring Matt Ox
12. Love Yourself (Interlude)
13. Smash! featuring PnB Rock
14. I Don’t Even Speak Spanish LOL
15. Changes
16. Hope
17. Schizophrenia
18. Before I Close My Eyes

Best Tracks – NUMB/going down!/Infinity

Worst Tracks – $ $ $ /PAlN/Love Yourself

Thanks for watching & have an awesome day

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Shawn Cee says junio 8, 2018

In the “I don’t know Spanish LOL” Track I totally zoned out, I didn’t even hear an X feature. Now that I’ve heard it I wish I hadn’t. Cool song though, just updating

Liturgic says junio 8, 2018

Umm, for the rock type song, it’s his own song, you’re not opening your mind, it’s how x made it

Jonas Reimann says junio 8, 2018

15:25 – same I just feel ur reaction so god damn much

Wrighzer Network says junio 8, 2018

You should listen to the new Tayla Part #Taylamade Album

Dirty Youth says junio 8, 2018

is there snow in your hair? or you just getting old or something?

Ethan Miller says junio 8, 2018

I feel like you should open your mind to new music.

steven adams says junio 8, 2018

So this was better than die lit?? Cmon now

Griffen Ward says junio 8, 2018

I heard that all x’s songs are short and are the way they are because it represents letters, short and has some message 🤷‍♀️ just a thought

Vukasin Lalosevic says junio 8, 2018

Dude, if you love X and Scarlxrd check "mypmvr – THEY (Official Video)"

Jacelynn The Greatest says junio 8, 2018

React to jacelynn the greatest-reasons

Lord Apollo VEVO says junio 8, 2018

This is better than 17

KrazyLaker24 says junio 8, 2018

“Punchlines and right hooks” throws a left hook

Phiwokuhle Qwabe says junio 8, 2018

X stans are 90 percent of the this comment section.

Nathan Stauffer says junio 8, 2018

dis dude doesn't even listen to all of the song, bummer

Angel Sosa says junio 8, 2018

React to Aj hammit – the race remake

Kamil Oudghiri says junio 8, 2018

He did he wants the album to be more about the feeling it gives than the words

Fancy GamerHd says junio 8, 2018

This dumbass nigga said X is not in "i dont even speak spanish" song fucking dumbass

Kahn!!!!!!!!!!!! says junio 8, 2018

I call the album huh?

wshxn says junio 8, 2018

idk man i love that you’re so unbiased but like. i cannot explain what i really feel about it.
this is his feelings he put into the album. i don’t agree that there’s lack of lyrics. you seem to never have any real mental problems, and that’s good for you, i am glad genuinely. but i do, seems like x does (did, hopefully), as lots of people out there. you say there are some other aspects in life except this sadness and suicidal thoughts but not everyone feels like it dude. i see what i want to see in those songs (pain = bestfriend, numb, etc) and i come back to them and play it on repeat when i feel like it. the minimalism in some lyrics represents thoughts in a persons mind that go in circles and they can’t stop it, they can’t break away from it and go free. well, at least that’s how i feel it.
also i get it if you don’t like screaming, but then these songs are just not for you. and he doesn’t need to “relax”, as you say. those are feelings. he has them. he expressed them like this.
i understand that it is your own opinion and it’s fine to me you didn’t like most of the songs. my comment is not really about it. the thing is you just heard the album but you didn’t feel it. but this is important in things like this. again, idec if you didn’t like it, honestly. just know there is always the other perspective of things. and your opinion was like… not deep at all.

My Issa says junio 8, 2018

uehhhh do u ever wash ur hair why there so much white shit in yo hair nigga

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