Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Movie Review

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Movie Review
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Mark and Kristian review Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

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Girish Alath says junio 10, 2018

If the movie is about dinosaurs then it should mainly focus on dinosaurs. It appears as if all the scenes with dinosaurs in it were already revealed through the trailers and promo videos, so nothing more surprising or interesting was left for me to see. When I saw the trailer I was really excited and thought that if the trailer is this good the movie is going to be awesome, but it turns out I was terribly mistaken. A lot of focus was on the background stories of other characters which sometimes made me forget that I was watching a sequel to Jurassic World, because the focus was shifting from the dinosaurs to other characters. I think that child had more screen time than the dinosaurs itself, which I still don't know why? Majority of the movie was shot indoors away from the Island in a silly mansion which is another reason I disliked the movie. All the scenes inside that mansion were just too boring.

I know people have worked really hard to make this movie and I respect that but as it is said "Rowing harder doesn't help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction."

In my opinion Jurassic World (2015) was 100 times better than this movie.

Here is how I would rate the Jurassic movies released till now;

1) Jurassic Park (1993)

2) The Lost World : Jurassic Park (1997)

3) Jurassic World (2015)

4) Jurassic Park 3 (2001)

5) Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom (2018) Dead Last!

I hope the next movie will take the number 1 spot.

ArcticZurite says junio 10, 2018

It was great almost definitely up there with Jurassic Park

Daran Philipson says junio 10, 2018

Really enjoyed it…..

Ali Dawah says junio 10, 2018

only good thing about the new movies is Chris Pratt and his sense of humor 😀

Ali Dawah says junio 10, 2018

are there only idiot script writers left?

Aishwaryadevi Perumal says junio 10, 2018


iwishicouldbefunny says junio 10, 2018

Finished watching the film a while ago. Honestly made me want to die. Incredibly boring,inconsistent, and stupid. The humour fell completely flat. The characters for the most part were not needed,stereotypical and completely one dimensional. The first half and second half felt like they were completely diffrent films. The characters are so stupid. The dialogue is stupid and unrealistic. The performances were meh. The black guy with the glasses was the worst character ever. He was so stereotypical and annoying. Only props I can give this film is the visuals and soundtrack

Prathap Kutty says junio 10, 2018

Colin trevorrow is the worst thing to happen to to this franchise

CB 1014 says junio 10, 2018

People r fuckin nuts. Jurassic Park is one of the greatest movies of all time, Lost World is really good! JP 3 stinks… sort of. Jurassic World is really good…. are we trying to say that the franchise is bad all of a sudden? Oh man 2018 hurts my brain

CB 1014 says junio 10, 2018

Oh wait Im late… are we pretending to hate Jurassic World (2015) now? Is that the new one we’re gonna pound even tho 3 yrs ago we loved it? Oh ok sorry I didnt know

Lost4ever300 says junio 10, 2018

This is the best Jurassic World movie!

hamza ahmad says junio 10, 2018

Just watched it…… I think a lot of elements from earlier movies are completely gone etc……. It's not bad but it;s not good enough

Farhan Abdullah says junio 10, 2018

The same thing that happened to Star Wars happened here too, Social Justice Warriors spoiling everything in every single beloved movies. For fuck sake! It's a dinosaur movie, 2 seconds 5 seconds appearance is just fucking annoying you motherfuckers!

rusty wood says junio 11, 2018

I totally agree that they barely touched on the raptor thing, I thought it would be a big part of the second half for better or worse. They set it up but then abandoned it and the few moments there were weren't earned. That guy is right the second half was terrible and it made zero sense.

Mike Mok says junio 11, 2018

I agreed with Mark, had high hopes for Jurassic World but it sent a message of: Look, this franchise will be dumb, so get over it. And so I expect nothing more than a dumb fun from part 2. Sure I want it to go back to the standard of Jurassic Park, but a sequel to Pitch Prefect 2 ain't gonna be Les Miserable.

StriX46 says junio 11, 2018

People will never be satisfied…leave the island they cried….they do that and its not fresh anymore…way to pretend to be an intellectual by hating on films needlessly

Anonymous says junio 11, 2018

Critics now and days expect too much from movies. Jurassic world 1 was good in my opinion and I think this one should be as good, maybe lack but still good.

Water Warrior says junio 11, 2018

This movie felt extremely generic to me, and below average. I will be stating SPOILERS btw.
First of all, the movie up to leaving Isla Nublar were amazing, and is really the only reason I think this movie is only below average.
The characters are static and don't really change. The girl had a predictable arc, up to the weird cloning thing. Claire was almost interesting: she started out as an animal activist, but in the end didn't save the animals for the betterment of humanity. But then the girl kind of undermined that hard character choice. Pratt was Pratt. You never really cared about the characters either. You care more about the dinosaur on the dock when leaving the island more than the main protagonists.
The subtext of the movie felt slightly repeated from the last movie about making profits for dinosaurs, but overall that is one of the better parts of the movie.
The plot is convenient as fuck. Plot conveniences have 2 categories: believable and unbelievable. Believable, for example, would be the truck that they used to drive along the dock and escape the island, as it's only a small thing, it has a reason for being there, and in movies protagonists always need a bit of luck, especially in action movies. An unbelievable convenience, though, would be the Indoraptor cage being opened by the security guard. Like how idiotic do you have to be to try and enter a cage with a dinosaur you know is unbelievably cunning and dangerous. It's not like he could have just reached in the cage. But whatever; this movie has a lot of unbelievable conveniences. Also the second half of the movie felt really generic because they did the thing where they introduce a new dinosaur: one that's even more dangerous than you've ever seen before! When they named it an Indoraptor, someone sitting behind me literally laughed.
This movie did have some cool moments… but they were almost all spoiled by the trailer. When the T-Rex bit the other dinosaur; saw it in the trailer. When the sea monster jumped out the sea and grabbed the main hanging from the ladder; saw it in the trailer. When Blue came in to save the girl in the bed from the Indoraptor; saw it in the trailer. It made me know everything that was going to happen a few seconds in advance, and without the surprise of those cool moments, the whole movie became painfully predictable.
However I did like the acting, Dr Ian Malcolm's speeches, and especially the opening scene. A tense cinematic masterpiece of an opening.

William Southall says junio 11, 2018

Jurassic World Is becoming the new Transformers, instead of robots its now dinosaurs.

Hamza_Boujelouah says junio 11, 2018

I liked the movie. Its not very original but I liked it quite a bit

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