Don’t fall for the curb painting scam, police share warning with Tara Molina

Don’t fall for the curb painting scam, police share warning with Tara Molina
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blite13 says junio 12, 2018

fake news. …1:29 …..notice she throws up the 666 bullshit handsign.

Ghost says junio 12, 2018

If that happened to me i’d sue them to get it off my property lmao

Alex Yukio says junio 12, 2018

What… when I see that I just say “that’s pointless” then walk away. If someone did that to me I wouldnt pay. I would call the police. Common sense.

The Monopoly Troll says junio 12, 2018

White people problems.

Jennifer Chaney says junio 12, 2018

We had a gentleman come to our door and ask if it was alright and showed a few photos of his work. We chose to have our numbers painted with a Texas flag in the background. It looked great and has lasted several years now. Had he done the work without asking he’d be leaving with a foot in his @$$.

oldgysgt says junio 12, 2018

Twice tried on me, but I told them I didn't give them permission to paint my curb, and I wanted it removed, now. Of course they didn't remove it, but they didn't come back asking for money either.

char jl says junio 12, 2018

So all they need is a permit and they can demand money?

Mohawk2 says junio 12, 2018

At least they didn't paint the wrong numbers lol

Lehel says junio 12, 2018

Curb your curb painting scam

vinnie victory says junio 12, 2018

Dumb reporter with a brutal accent. No LA dream reporter jobbie job for her….

10k subs no Vids? says junio 12, 2018

I want to do this to earn extra cash can I do it if I ask the homeowner and they say yes and I do it Is thatillegal?

Tom R says junio 12, 2018

Tell em to f their momma

kentuckyfriedwren says junio 12, 2018

Nothing new here. I was a little kid in the 1950s, and guys would come around every summer asking for money because they'd just repainted the house numbers on the curb without asking permission. She invariably told them to get lost, and then complained about them for days on end to anyone who would listen. And that was in Philly, 700 miles away from Cleveland.

Xenalin says junio 12, 2018

1:17 "8008" lol, no one fully outgrows that 😀

The Weeping Skull says junio 12, 2018

How is this a scam? If someone painted shit on my property then came to my door and asked for money I'd tell them to get the fuck off my property before I call the cops. I don't give a flying fuck who told you to do it, all I know is I didn't and I ain't paying for it.

Jesse James says junio 12, 2018

Complete exaggeration !!! They aren't demanding money, they ask for a small donation. The city just wants to control everything !!!

Frank Stein says junio 12, 2018

1:16 – BOOB

Galaxy_playz 07 says junio 12, 2018

If they said “give me money” and didn’t specify how much just any amount I would have said “ok” and the brought them a penny and then gave it to them and slammed the door in there face.

Like the comment if that’s what you would do

Seventizz says junio 12, 2018

Isn’t this vandalism?

J o n a t h a n says junio 12, 2018

they did a good job. How much did they charge,

Private Associate Group says junio 12, 2018

The Death of the Salesman right before your very eyes….sad, I once did $6,900 average per week selling Chevrolet product here in St.Louis. Now a days, expect those earnings to see $10/hr or $400 per week….

tgafire87 says junio 12, 2018

$4,000 rims?!?! PISS OFF!

Jason Minion says junio 12, 2018

How am I just finding this channel!

Tesseract 14 says junio 12, 2018

If you ask me new cars are a scam no matter what's up with them if they are not used they are a scam

Steve says junio 12, 2018

Dealers are scams anyway. 08 Silverado with 134k miles on it center console was broken as was the glove box. Offered them 10k cash out the door from their 12k asking price an they refused to budge on the price or fix what was broken. Ever last dealer wants you to finance things screw that noise. Cash out the door or no deal. I have had 1 to many dealerships act like my cash isnt good enough. New or Used.

Terry Weaver says junio 12, 2018

The best possible way to tell if a car dealership is about to rip you off is: if you are at a dealership.

Mr big Mr bigger says junio 12, 2018

Lmfao! You are a freakin joke! All salesman yes all try as hard as they can to burn everyone! You are a ass clown!. Lofao!

Kekmeister Biped says junio 12, 2018

Come to the point.

Mark Mcdonald says junio 13, 2018

Thumbs up to a honest salesman

D'Arcy Cross says junio 13, 2018

Biggest scam is watching this video

jeff Webb says junio 13, 2018

This sort of thing seems to be on low end American vehicles. When I go into a "German" auto dealership. I already know exactly what I want down the the smallest detail. From there, I work with the sales person on the factory order, put down $5000.000 and three or so months later the car is delivered. I call my advisor who does a funds transfer to the dealer for the balance and in a day or two when the car is ready the appointment is made and the car is presented to me. How simple is that? Putting Murican flags on a truck in a dealership only attracts the White Nationalist, Russian financed NRA, Trump's crowd.

Expfighter ExpScout says junio 13, 2018

When you go to a dealership there is a rule of thumb to follow, if the salesmen's mouth is flapping, he is telling you a lie! NEVER NEVER NEVER buy a NEW vehicle! Just NEVER!

Yo Mama says junio 13, 2018

Chevys are pieces of shit. Those new 5.3L V8 engines take 8 quarts of 0w-20 DEXOS "approved" oil. Chevy owns the license for DEXOS, it's a fucking scam. The rear main seal always leak, they sell "Buicks" which are 100% Chevys with leather packages and don't even get me started on "Cadallics" which are 100% Chevy. Heres a hint people…. Honda/Acuras = the same Buick/Cadillac/Gmc/Chevy=the same Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/Ram= the same. Infinite/Nissan=the same Toyota/Lexus/Scion= the same. Ford/Lincoln= the same. Chevy uses mostly the same V6 3.6L engines in most of their cars and suvs. Even the pussy ass "Cadallic"suvs have the EXACT same 3.6L engine and transmission as the Chevy Traverse BUT with a different engine cover. Lol. You ppl are getting fucked so hard in your own assholes.

Bill Shuey says junio 13, 2018

I don’t understand—why do we talk about profit like it’s a bad thing. If someone walked into my place of business and asked me to sell them my inventory, and then scoffed if I didn’t sell it to them at cost, I’d tell them to piss of. Just saying.

77Tenderwarrior says junio 13, 2018

You don't want to get screwed at the dealership? Don't go there.

William Brennan says junio 13, 2018

Do you give the mco to the state and undermine everyone's rights in the process? Forcing people to go by state law requiring them to register the car they just bought. Basically scaming people into unjust law without their knowledge.

Jay Stuart says junio 13, 2018

Man 56k for a new truck. Pretty soon they are going to need to bump up financing to 8-10 years on vehicles lol

King Reef says junio 13, 2018

You built your car on the website bring it to the dealership. What's it.

sbhvelazquez says junio 13, 2018

Those tags on each of those parts are used to ID stolen parts if and when recovered. In California, if you have a salvage title vehicle and are trying to replace the damaged parts with new or used parts, you need to show where those parts came from. So if you get a used parts from your local pick-a-part, you will need receipts to show the donor vehicle VIN.

joblessalex says junio 13, 2018

Just tap your brakes. Easier than that system.

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