Car salesman tells all. The biggest scam car dealers do with your trade value.

Car salesman tells all. The biggest scam car dealers do with your trade value.
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Mr. Hicks says junio 17, 2018

Consumers have the power to simply WALK OUT! If I get the numbers that I want, then we will make a deal. if not, I will keep my money in my pocket and go somewhere else!! Disrespect?? To me, "Disrespect" is lying to a customer, adding unnecessary fees, and overcharging customers for repairs. THAT'S disrespect! "Make My life hell" better think again!

Jason Sabbagh says junio 17, 2018

OMG the car dealer is trying to make money

Joe Black says junio 17, 2018

While you're dickering over a few dollars on trade-in value, they are beating you up on the new car purchase. YOU will NEVER see the actual price the dealer pays the factory for a new car …. they will show you "factory invoices" or "online invoice price", but in reality, that new car costs THOUSANDS less than they will ever show you. Don't believe me??? …. stop and think about all the costs a dealership has, building, inventory, employees, operating expenses, etc. …. do you really think they can pay for all those when they tell you they are only making $500 off your deal …. HA, HA, HA …. THEY made $5,500 off your deal because that new $20,000 "invoice" car they showed you, really only cost them $15,000 (and even less!). They will NEVER disclose figures like "holdbacks, kickbacks, discounts" or whatever they want to call them between the factory and the dealer. Ever see the house and cars (and boat, and lake home, and RV) that the dealership owner and top management live in ….. I have to laugh every time a salesman or sales manager tells me "we only made $100 off your deal" …. what a joke!! When people wake up and use a little common sense, they'll see just how much these dealerships REALLY make, and I'm not saying it's a bad thing because ALL INDUSTRIES do it, you've got to have mark-up and profit or you're out of business. I'm just saying that car dealers, because they are dealing directly with the public, put on this "poor-boy" show while picking the pocket of many a true "poor person" to make sure the owner can live a lavish lifestyle and usually buy up multiple dealerships … heck, they are MULTI-MILLIONAIRES ….how do you think they got there?? They prey on the fact that even the most poor of people "want" a shiny new car and will take advantage of that perceived need, but, that's good ol' capitalism and how most businesses operate. Ever pay $75 for a watch that cost $7 to make …. automobiles are no different, just in a bigger league. So, the bottom line is, if you want to deal apples-to-apples, always trade your used car for another (newer) used car, both of which you can figure out a fair market value for, and then just plan on paying the difference. You can even sell your vehicle privately and buy a vehicle privately, and then you'll know what the market price was for each car … what a willing buyer will pay for that car. The reason dealerships make so much money off the new cars, is that they ALL stick together on the pricing of new cars, so there is no way to get a new car at "true factory cost". It's no different in other industries … why do you think gas stations ALL have the same price ALL the time … it's just the way companies try and maximize their profits. I've privately bought and sold over a hundred cars/trucks in my long life …. I wish I could go along with some of these younger buyers so they don't get "taken" so badly. As my father-in-law used to say, "it's a tough ol' go out there" …… 🙂

steve STAR says junio 17, 2018

too much mumbo jumbo

j t says junio 17, 2018

All a numbers game. You show always know your value of your vehicle when trading in. Better off selling it private.

Paul White says junio 17, 2018

I went kbb site checked blue book. Then sold car at that blue book value to Carmax. 20 minutes for them to evaluate. This was late model vehicle with low miles. Friend of mine then pitted Carmax vs dealership. Dealership had to come up like $3000 to get the sale and match Carmax offer. Check out Carmax!

ncrdisabled Submarine vet says junio 17, 2018

I have a 2006 scion xa with 150k kbb says its worth 2k but when I took it in to get a new mazda they only wanted to give me 400 bucks .

Ryan Pangle says junio 17, 2018

Drunk guy video. Go.

Jonathan Nelson says junio 17, 2018

I kinda like this guy.

limbery says junio 17, 2018

Is it not best to maximize your trade in value so that the difference you're paying will be the lowest price that you'll be paying tax on?

AngelitoOfDeath says junio 17, 2018

This dude sounds lil dr Steve Brule sometimes. Great advice btw!

limbery says junio 17, 2018

I didn't have that experience when trading in my last vehicle…I just looked it up online for what the maximum value my car would be worth considering what my milage and condition was and demanded at least that….as well another couple of thousand off of what was their supposedly best deal. I was surprised at how easily the transaction went and I'm not really out to deny a dealer a reasonable amount of profit….what did I miss?

Frederickdawg says junio 17, 2018

Lying cunt.

dryphtyr says junio 17, 2018

I briefly worked in car sales, at a not so reputable dealer, so I can verify a lot of what this video talks about. Armed with some knowledge of car sales, as well as my credit & finance background, I recently went shopping for a slightly used car. I researched heavily & figured out exactly what I was looking for ahead of time & what I was willing to pay. I knew what I wanted my payment & interest rate to be. I didn't want to put money down. My trade was a mechanical basket case, but I bought it for next to nothing 5 years ago & put over 100,000 miles on it, in addition to the 200,000 it had already, so it wasn't a major sticking point. I shopped around based on my criteria & walked away from a number of dealers. No hard feelings, no disrespect. They have to make a living & I'm not here to stop them from doing that. I was completely up front with my expectations regarding the car. I never discussed expectations about financing. After about a week of shopping, I found a car with everything I wanted, in perfect condition, & at the right price, so I entered the financing process. They came back with a better interest rate than I had planned on by 2 percent & offered a payment $70 per month lower than I had budgeted for, at a term I was happy with. They also offered me a little more than I had planned for on the trade. The only concession I made is I gave them a $5 down payment. They made money on the deal, but that's ok. They got me everything I wanted & then some. It was the easiest, most pleasant car buying experience I've ever had. Moral of the story, know what you want. Know what you're willing to pay. Be willing to walk away. Be friendly. Be patient. That's all there is to it.

The Danimal.219 says junio 17, 2018

Great video. Keep up the good work.

morris claing says junio 17, 2018

u need to move down to TX. dealerships down here r reel bad

Gordias Gordian says junio 17, 2018

Great video with lots of helpful information about buying a car. I would recommend these videos highly to anyone in their 20s who is starting out buying their first cars.

ck m says junio 17, 2018

The easiest way around this to do your research and know your numbers (retail value of your car, dealer invoice of what you are trying to buy, etc) before you go into a dealership and stick to your guns (or just use a buying service that will essential do the same thing) – no point in being a dick about it, just be ready to walk away – I've done this a bunch of times and usually pay exactly what I wanted. There are plenty of cars available, you can always find one at the price you want to pay. It also helps to know cars very well – when buying used cars I essentially do the same thing as the 'walk around' but I find at least 1/2 dozen issues, then offer to pay closer to their asking if they will repair them (they never bite)

Lone Wolf says junio 17, 2018

So if you are disrespectful to me, the guy trying to steal your money, I will be mean back. Who says this????? How much will you give me for my 2012 Impala LT POS with 74,000 miles???


Brett Vogel says junio 17, 2018

You need to script out your video. This was way way to long. You did not get another subscriber.

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