Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of Lust Stories | Anurag, Zoya, Dibakar, Karan

Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of Lust Stories | Anurag, Zoya, Dibakar, Karan
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Anupama Chopra's Movie Review of Lust Stories  | Anurag, Zoya, Dibakar, Karan

Lust is more layered than love – at least in the Indian context. Lust is primal and more problematic because it is colored by guilt, shame, awkwardness and anxiety. In Lust Stories, directors Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee and Karan Johar deconstruct the splendor, complexity and chaos of lust.

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amit kumar says junio 17, 2018

I loved Dibakar's movie most because it plays like a twisty thriller which was unexpected ..but Radhika apte's act and character was the best( felt more like how we are.confused)

dj shelin says junio 17, 2018

bombay talkies was so so so much better . Quite disappointed with this one 🙁 .

Leo says junio 17, 2018

I would love to see your review of each film with their own respective stars, not the overall 3.5

Your Huge fan

Leo says junio 17, 2018



A. as a writers daughter wannabe filmmaker with easy access

B. As a Director who has potential to change the face of Indian cinema to outside world ( after watching the lust stories)

I will request you to stop trying to convince yourself to the world .. in short note you are a bad public speaker.. people get fed by the way you talk, it is hard to understand what u say, simply it does not make any sense .. people really don't understand what you say.. (read youtube comments(including myself for proof)

But I think after watching this movie if its 100 percent yours (ya I am talking about your part one and I have doubt because I personally think you as a person A. as a person B its very recent just after watching your movie ) you are really a GEM and filmmaker who can really make difference to INDIAN MOVIES in world cinema. to cut it short just say whatever you want to convey to the public just through your movies.


ashish pati says junio 17, 2018

Karan's film was the most fun with anurag missing the plot completely

aev says junio 18, 2018

Ok you might have heard this a million times last year: 3.5 stars for befikre 😂 jokes apart I love your reviews and keep doing what you are doing cause you are good at it 😀

Code X says junio 18, 2018

Seriously all stories expect the last one of kira advani and vicky kaushal… All are too boring and just so normal in content that every human being understood.

The last story is also weak but it is kind of fun and time pass..because of humour.

Anurag kashyap story was the weakest and boring. Physco girlfriend cum teacher and his love interest nothing else

AV SHANG says junio 18, 2018

Kaash Ye Movie Theateres me hoti

Vajresh Thakur says junio 18, 2018

mediocre. 2 stars. karan johars was the worst.

antiantagonist proletariat says junio 18, 2018

one of the worst netflix content ever created

Meena blessedchild says junio 18, 2018

my favorite radhika apte's Kalindi ma'ams role👌👌👌

mayank chaturvedi says junio 18, 2018

You are brilliant anupama ma'm your reviews are the one i eagerly wait for..

KAUSTUBH GHATE says junio 18, 2018

Hey watch Inzi Bhai Unboxing 'Biryani' (Eid Special) , made by The Screenpati Team and share it among your friends and also please subscribe to The Screenpati.

Raza Faizan says junio 18, 2018

try simple sentences they also dont create any orgasm.

Zaheer Abbas says junio 18, 2018

Do watch Akhri Station , a Pakistani mini series with only 7 episodes. You will love it.

Younus Sohail says junio 18, 2018

4th story was good

Mohit Joshi says junio 18, 2018

Netlfix par dekhne k paise tk NH h yrr 😫😫

THE UNTOLD says junio 18, 2018

How to be successful in life by Trishneet arora & Saina nehwal…

anu kuikel says junio 18, 2018

Watched this movie yesterday it was quite good better than race 3

Arpita Dutta says junio 18, 2018

Worst was Zoya akhtar's was Karan Johars

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